Our Approach

Through embracing complexity, we have earned a reputation for going beyond standard industry models

Every aspect of Aktis’ approach is geared towards achieving excellence in uncertainty. We address international security and development challenges collaboratively with our clients and partners, co-developing solutions that are both context-specific and based on proven practice.

We thrive in uncertainty because of two core competencies:


  1. Robust and accountable processes: Our clients trust us to manage our projects efficiently, integrating strong, accountable processes and working with highly trained staff that comply with our client’s requirements. But we know that this is not enough to deliver excellence. For that we need…
  2. Intelligent, proactive and adaptive delivery: We do not deliver pre-planned, rigidly executed solutions: our staff and processes are geared for managing uncertainty, adapting in real-time to optimise delivery of the right solution to the problem.

We call this combination Robust Solutions, Intelligently Delivered.



These two competencies are what enables us to provide added value for our clients and secure lasting impact in complex circumstances. We deliver that extra 20% in every activity and in every project. It is what makes us the industry leaders and our clients’ first choice for delivering excellent results. 


Robust Solutions, Intelligently Delivered means for Aktis:


  • THINKING: By combining cutting-edge academic and policy thinking with deep local knowledge and research, we effectively understand the issues and make the connections that others miss, to ensure we’re always fixing the right problem.


  • TOOLS: We offer our clients the best data and information tools, combined with project management methods that allow us to adapt in real time to always stay ahead of the problem.


  • PEOPLE: Our staff include leading experts, experienced in addressing conflict, stability and security. We are collaborative and committed to delivering the right solution to the problem.

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