Governance, Security and Justice

Delivering robust, community-focused security & justice services

Aktis’ Governance, Security and Justice team leads our institutional reform, counter-terrorism, policing, forensics and governance programmes. We help our partners enhance their systems and capabilities to counter threats, maintain the rule of law and provide effective and accountable policing and justice services.


Our team brings decades of experience delivering effective governance, security and justice programmes across a range of challenging environments. From support to government institutions with counter-terrorism and border security to local community safety initiatives, we strive to enhance our partners’ abilities to provide effective security and justice services that bolster human rights and respond to the concerns and demands of local populations.


Effective and positive institutional change requires a deep understanding of local context. To support our contextualised approach, we rigorously map and manage the political and power dynamics within partner institutions. In this way, we overcome resistance to change, and build strong coalitions of key stakeholders to drive progress. We focus on peer-to-peer learning to help stakeholders define and implement realistic and relevant capacity building and reform plans. We aim to tailor programmes and recommendations to the needs of our partner institutions and engage organisations in processes of iterative change, encouraging adaptation, monitoring and evaluation and a culture of learning from failure.

Examples of work

Integrating security and justice sector reform strategies


  • In Somaliland, we have initiated the development of broad reform and capacity building instruments in the justice, police, defence and prison systems. We have helped local leaders establish and own defence sector management mechanisms to improve strategic planning and coordination between the Ministry of Defence and the Somaliland Armed Forces. Our judicial reform work has significantly strengthened court management and oversight of the judiciary in ways that have been specifically designed to increase public trust in the formal justice system.


  • We are supporting the Tunisian Ministry of Interior in its efforts to address critical security threats, including terrorism, violent extremism and border security, and improve public confidence in national security institutions. Our blended team of national and international experts provides technical assistance to the Ministry of the Interior as it develops national strategic plans, coordination structures and integrated planning capabilities across government. 


Internal security and intelligence reform


  • In Lebanon, we provide extensive technical assistance to several national security institutions. We support the Lebanese Internal Security Forces’ efforts to improve the quality and use of forensic evidence within the criminal justice system. We also work with the Lebanese Armed Forces to improve their capacity to plan military operations and secure remote border areas through training and enhanced information management. Our support for civil-military cooperation (CIMIC) spans doctrine development, training, the implementation of community projects and the refurbishment of regional CIMIC centres. We have helped the Lebanese government strengthen state–society relations by providing critical support to a population under massive strain from the crisis in Syria.


  • In Tunisia, our work has supported the Ministry of Interior with adopting evidence based and coordinated approaches to security, and contributed to the development of Tunisia’s first comprehensive implementation plan under the country’s National Strategy Combating Extremism and Terrorism.


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