Conflict Management and Peacebuilding

Bringing stability and social cohesion to communities affected by conflict

Our Conflict Management and Peacebuilding team leads Aktis’ programmes on conflict, stability and resilience. Our remit is to support stabilisation, conflict management and peacebuilding programmes across the company through evidence-based analysis of the complex causes and impact of conflict, and tailored advice and programme implementation.


We help our clients bring stability and social cohesion to communities affected by conflict by collaborating with local communities and governments to create sustainable change and promote peace.


We apply innovative methodologies and tools with a focus on agile and adaptive approaches to conflict analysis, conflict transformation, complexity theory and community-led stabilisation. We work with regional teams to implement conflict-sensitive strategies, operations and activities throughout the project cycle, to ensure that we are sensitive to, and avoid exacerbating, conflict dynamics.

Examples of work


  • We have developed innovative research tools for stability monitoring and conflict analysis, supporting decision-making in Lebanon, Somalia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Through our work in Lebanon, we have increased engagement between the Lebanese Armed Forces and local residents, thereby reducing mistrust between civilian populations and the security services.


  • Our team is currently conducting research in six municipalities in Lebanon on perceptions of Syrian refugees in host communities under the Lebanon Host Community Support Project (LHSP). This project is spearheaded by UNDP and Lebanon’s Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA).

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