Behavioural Communications

Delivering measurable change in the behaviours and attitudes of individuals, groups and states

Our Behavioural Communications team analyses, designs and delivers communications campaigns to bring about measurable change in behaviours, perceptions and attitudes. 


Tackling issues such as instability, radicalisation, organised crime and irregular migration, Aktis’ behavioural communications programmes reach isolated and vulnerable groups through targeted communications, and can claim a strong track record of inducing positive behavioural change.

Our methodology combines a wide range of communications tools and systemic, coordinated plans of action to deliver measurable change in the behaviours and attitudes of individuals, groups and states. We analyse, design and implement campaigns that resonate locally and treat conflict situations with sensitivity. Our unique approach to behavioural communications incorporates the cognitive, emotional, physical and virtual realms to bring about long-lasting positive change.

Our bespoke behavioural communications approach puts target audience behaviour at its heart



Examples of work

Developing alternative and independent media


  • Aktis is working to expand the breadth of communication channels in the Baltic states by supporting alternative and independent media sources. By amplifying the reach of key independent voices, we have created demand for balanced Russian-language content, accessing sectors of society typically overlooked by policy-makers in the process.

Helping national institutions develop effective strategic communications


  • In Iraq, Tunisia and Somalia, we support government efforts to devise effective communications strategies aimed at reducing the risk of radicalisation and violent extremism among local populations. Drawing on years of experience in institutional development, we design impactful campaigns that give governments the power to achieve change and build long-term, institutional communications expertise.

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