What We Do

Achieving excellence in uncertainty

Our goal is to address both the root causes and symptoms of conflict to deliver long-lasting, positive change in fragile and conflict-affected states. Aktis’ teams, methods and approaches are geared for delivering excellence and innovation in these challenging contexts.

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Our services

Aktis specialises in the design and management of complex programmes to address challenging political, security and stability problems. We design, deliver and evaluate programmes globally across our technical areas of expertise. Our services range from strategic analysis and planning, institutional development and community-level stabilisation, to comprehensive research, monitoring and evaluation.


Our clients

Our clients trust us to deliver excellence in uncertainty. We work hand-in-hand with governments and bilateral donors, including the UK’s Foreign Office and Department for International Development, the Dutch Ministry of Development Cooperation, Canada, Denmark and multilateral donors including the EU and UN agencies.


Our expertise 

Aktis prides itself on being a centre of technical excellence


Aktis’ expertise covers five technical areas: Conflict Management and Peacebuilding; Counter Extremism; Governance, Security and Justice; Behavioural Communications; and Research, Monitoring and Evaluation.


We combine cutting-edge academic and policy thinking with deep local knowledge and research to effectively understand the issues and make the connections that others miss. Our integrated teams of local and international experts apply global learning to the local context, developing solutions that are relevant to the problem, informed by evidence and analysis, and designed to deliver lasting, measurable change.


We prioritise local ownership, collaboration and inclusiveness. We are fully committed to gender and conflict sensitivity. Our staff are trained in the use of tools to ensure that our approach considers the needs of all members of the communities our work affects. Our human rights policies, practices and training are geared to bring a human rights compliant approach to every project we do.


Innovation and technology are at the heart of Aktis’ work

We are committed to developing innovative solutions to the complex problems our clients face. This includes the development of conceptual frameworks and practical tools combining new ways of looking at a problem with an assurance of consistent delivery. Such is the case of Alignment for Change ®, our innovative approach to building institutional capability in politically contested security institutions, currently being rolled out with national security agencies. We have delivered numerous innovative projects including designing and implementing methodologies for retrieving data from hard-to-reach areas in Syria and Lebanon, and developing a ground-breaking evaluation framework in Somalia enabling beneficiaries to test hypotheses around radicalisation drivers.


At Aktis we strive to be at the forefront of technology as a driver for positive change. Through AKTEK, our technology arm, we support our clients to better understand the operating context of fragile environments, collect better data and analyse and communicate this understanding in a simple and actionable way. This includes mobile surveys, media monitoring and network mapping.


Aktis is committed to sharing best practices


We make an active contribution to the development and dissemination of best practice in governance, security and justice, and strive to ensure that lessons learned from the field inform the wider policy debate. We have strategic partnerships with leading academic institutions and think tanks, working closely to foster a better understanding of the ‘state of the art’ in conflict management and peacebuilding, and bringing together key stakeholders from around the world to share ideas and cross-fertilise best practice.

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